Petaluma High School Bus Routes

Route 501 operates on school days only and follows school bell times during the academic year (AUG-JUN). Please note these routes will operate earlier on Wednesdays to accommodate early dismissal.

Students traveling from the east side of Petaluma will need to utilize Route 11 and transfer to Route 501 at the Petaluma Market (Keller & Western) bus stop.

*Tip: most students opt to walk to/from the Petaluma Market (Keller & Western) bus stop rather than waiting for Route 501 to arrive at the high school.

For bus route planning use Google Maps or Transit App to quickly and easily plan your trip.

Route information is also available by calling 707-778-4460.

2023 Westside School Tripper (English)

2023 Westside School Tripper (Spanish)