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Why Advertise with Petaluma Transit?

We provide over 375,000 trips a year and travel an annual average of 333,000 miles!  This means that in a town with an estimated population of 58,000 and 14.5 square miles, everyone will likely be traveling behind a Petaluma Transit vehicle, and will have no choice but to look at your ad!

You can’t ignore it.  It can’t be turned off like television. It reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio stations they’re listening to. The large, colorful, innovative designs demand attention. You have exclusivity in your space. It delivers to a varied audience. It is cost-effective and affordable and you help support public transit in your community!

Petaluma Paratransit


Petaluma Transit 

Bus Stop


$130 per month

The longer you advertise the more people you’ll reach.

$260 per month

The longer you advertise the more people you’ll reach.

$130 per month

The longer you advertise the more people you’ll reach.

Exposure Paratransit vehicles travel all over Petaluma picking up and dropping of seniors and/or individuals in neighborhoods, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. The bus travels a set path on main roads in Petaluma. These bus stop shelters are located throughout Petaluma at popular destinations.  For bus stop shelter locations, please click the following link: Bus Shelter Advertising Locations.
Signage Graphic size:  46.250 x 19.375 inchesNeeds to be printed on weather-resistant vinyl using UV resistant ink (it will pretty much be a large decal/sticker). Graphic size:  46.250 x 19.375 inches  & thickness  over .125”  & up to .250” thickNeeds to be printed with UV resistant ink Graphic size:  48 x 70 inches with a 3” border.Needs to be printed on backlit material .020″ White Polystyrene Film that is UV and waterproof, with high-quality UV archival ink,
The advertiser will provide a digital copy of the proposed advertising poster to PT prior to commencing poster production.  All advertising must be approved by PT.  PT will not be liable for any production costs associated with unapproved posters.Additional Information:

The minimum contract is one calendar month. Costs include installation and removal of the artwork. The advertiser is responsible for the design, production, and delivery of artwork. Creative change beyond the original installation is $60 per bus shelter and $40 per vehicle.

Advertising Contact

Maria Arce

Transit Specialist, Marketing & Outreach