Fares & Passes

Fixed Route Fare Structure

Please bring exact change. Our drivers cannot make change. Dollar bills are accepted in the farebox.

Fares & Passes (Buy Online)

 AdultYouth (5-18 yrs old)Seniors (65+) / Disabled
Cash Fare$1.50K-12 Ride Free
June 2023-June 2025
Monthly Pass$30.00 BUYK-12 Ride Free
June 2023-June 2025
$15.00 BUY
Quarterly Youth PassN/AK-12 Ride Free
June 2023-June 2025
Summer Youth Pass (July 1 – September 30)N/AK-12 Ride Free
June 2023-June 2025
Two children, five years or younger, ride free with one paying adult. Transfers are free with the paid fare.

Bus passes may be purchased on-line or in-person at Petaluma Transit Office, 555 N McDowell Blvd.


Please note: Petaluma Transit is “Tag on only.” You are charged a flat fare; therefore you only “tag” once when you board the bus. Clipper smart cards can be used on all routes operated by Petaluma Transit.  They provide the convenience of loading a rolling 31-Day Pass or Cash Value (same as paying cash fare) without carrying an actual paper pass or change.  Clipper automatically calculates your fare and transfer credits between Petaluma Transit and other transit agencies.  You may order a regular Adult Clipper card online, or obtain one in person at the Petaluma Transit Office. For more information on Clipper visit Using Clipper on Petaluma Transit.

Clipper START

Clipper START is a pilot program to provide single-ride discounts to eligible riders. Eligible riders can receive a 50% discount off the cash fares on Petaluma Transit. To qualify you must be a resident of San Francisco Bay Area, 19-64 years old, and have a household income of 200% of the federal poverty level or less.

You can apply for Clipper START via the online application www.clipperstartcard.com/application. You can also apply using the paper application in the Clipper START brochure that is available on Petaluma Transit vehicles or call the Clipper START Customer Service Center at 855-614-9149. Applicants are required to provide proof of income and identity to support their application. Proof of identity documents can be a valid driver’s license, passport, voting card, Mexican ID. Proof of income documents includes CalFresh/Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, Medi-Cal card, Muni Lifeline card, County benefit eligibility letter, Most recent tax return. Other forms of proof of income or identity may also be considered.

To learn more about Clipper START and apply online, visit clipperstartcard.com.

Clipper Start Application

Youth & Senior Discounts

Clipper Youth and Senior cards are specially encoded to automatically calculate the discounted fare each time you use the card. To apply for a card, download and complete the appropriate application linked below. Be sure to identify which form of eligibility you are submitting and provide the document’s number. You must send a copy of your eligibility document with your application. Only send photocopies. Do not send original documents. You can submit your application by mail, email, or fax. To get a card immediately, you can apply in person at the Petaluma Transit offices or at a participating transit partner location (see in-person locations here). Clipper Customer Service will mail your card directly to the address you provide on your application. Cards mailed by Clipper Customer Service typically arrive within seven days. Youth and Senior Clipper cards are automatically registered when they are issued. If your card is ever lost or stolen, contact Clipper Customer Service to obtain a new card and restore your balance. If you wish to set up an online account to manage your card, call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.8883.

Clipper Youth Application

Clipper Senior Application

Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount ID Card

The Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount ID Card is available to persons with qualifying disabilities. You may use the card as proof of eligibility to receive discount fares on fixed-route, rail, and ferry systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The RTC Program does not apply to paratransit services. Applications are accepted at Petaluma Transit and then forwarded to a central office where applications are reviewed, information is verified and an eligibility determination is made. An RTC Discount ID Card will be mailed to eligible applicants within 21 days. More information and applications can be found here.


Transfer tickets are issued when a fare is paid (cash), are valid on any Petaluma Transit bus for 2 hours in any direction of travel, and are non-transferable.  Petaluma Transit (PT), Golden Gate Transit (GGT), and Sonoma County Transit (SCT) accept valid transfer tickets.  Those transferring to and/or from SMART to Petaluma Transit will automatically receive the transfer credit via Clipper.

Transfer to PT from GGT/SCT/SMART
Adult  $1.50, Youth free,  Senior/Disabled 75¢

Transfer to GGT from PT
Adult  $1.50,  Youth $1.00 (GGT is not participating in the free youth program),  Senior/Disabled 75¢

Transfer to SMART from PT (via Clipper)
Adult  $1.50, Youth free,  Senior/Disabled 75¢

Transfer to SCT from PT
Adult  $1.50, Youth free,  Senior/Disabled 75¢


We ask that groups of 10 or more individuals planning to ride Petaluma Transit please provide us with a courtesy call 48 hours in advance to help us plan your trip, especially during peak travel times.

Class Pass

A class pass is a program available to schools, clubs, and other non-profit organizations that allows youth/students (5-18 years old) to travel free of charge on Petaluma Transit.  The adults in this group are responsible for paying the regular adult fare ($1.50) per trip.  We require any group(s) planning to utilize the class pass program on Petaluma Transit to please notify our dispatch office 48 hours in advance at 707-778-4460. This will help us plan your trip, especially during peak travel times.  Also, keep in mind the class pass is used on regular fixed-route transit and the group must board and exit the bus together.

Transit Buddy

A transit buddy is someone who travels trains with individuals on Petaluma Transit.  The transit buddy’s client pays the appropriate fare and the transit buddy rides free when they present their Petaluma Transit Buddy Pass. Contact Maria Arce, Transit Specialist to apply 707-778-4506.

Personal Care Attendant

A personal care attendant is an individual who provides assistance to the passenger with daily life functions and may provide assistance during the ride or at the destination. If you need assistance to travel, riding with a personal attendant is strongly encouraged.  A personal care attendant is not required to pay his/her fare and must be picked up and dropped off at the same locations as the passenger.

Commuter Benefits

Find out about the Commuter Benefits Program on  511.org.

Paratransit Fares

Find out information about Paratransit fares here.

Call 707-778-4460 for more information.

U.S. Veterans

Riders can ride for free on all Petaluma Transit’s fixed-route service by presenting one of the following forms of identification to their bus driver:

Veterans interested in applying for a Veteran ID card should visit https://www.va.gov/records/get-veteran-id-cards/vic/.

SRJC students ride FREE!* 

*Your valid SRJC ID is your Bus Pass!