Rider Guide

Petaluma Transit’s Rider Guide

Check out our digital Rider Guide for our route maps, service hours and other important information. Hard copies are available on all Petaluma Transit vehicles.  If you would like a Rider Guide mailed to you, please contact us.

Petaluma Transit Videos

Check out our videos on how to ride Petaluma Transit.  Remember we offer free Group Presentations and Transit Tours if you would like more help/information riding Petaluma Transit, just call our Travel Trainer at 707-778-4506 or send us an email at transit@cityofpetaluma.org.

Where to Get a Schedule

Petaluma Transit schedules are available at City Hall, the Community Center, the Public Library, and at various locations throughout Petaluma. All buses carry our schedules, or you can call for transit information at 707-778-4460. We will be glad to send you one.

Bus Stops

Buses stop at designated Petaluma Transit stops, generally every few blocks along the route. Bus stop location information can be obtained by calling 707-778-4460. If you wish to board a Petaluma Transit bus and cannot find a designated bus stop, waive to the approaching bus to signal it to pull over at the nearest safe location. Ask your bus driver where the nearest stop is located.

Be Early

Always get to your bus stop five minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive. We will do our best, but variations in weather and traffic conditions sometimes make it impossible to operate exactly on the scheduled times.


Transportation for ADA eligible persons in Petaluma is available by calling Petaluma Paratransit Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Trips can be booked for travel on Monday through Friday, 6:20am to 7:15pm, Saturday 7:20am to 5:45pm, and Sunday, 8:20am to 5:45pm at 707-778-4460. Fare is $3.00 per trip.

Handicap Accessibility – Passengers in Wheelchairs

All of our routes are accessible to wheelchair passengers. We ask that all wheelchairs have a working brake system.

Kneeling the Bus

If you have difficulty climbing the step, ask the driver to “kneel the bus.” Our buses have a kneeling feature which lowers the bus to curb level for easier boarding.

Bicycles on Buses

Petaluma Transit buses are equipped with front-mounted bicycle racks. These racks can accommodate two to three bicycles very quickly and easily. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading bicycles on first-come, first-served basis.

Rules for Safe Riders

It’s Against State Law To:

Please see our Rider Code of Conduct for more information.